Portland Oregon or Traveling

Bio: I grew up in Oregon and do love it here. I love it's nature and easy to talk to people. But I also like to get out of the US and consider it a possibility to make my home away from here. It would be hard to leave my great friends and my family, possibly too hard. I like to spend some of my time walking around town or out in the woods. Or I like to be home watching a movie, reading, writing or playing some video games. I have a passion for cooking and love to think up a recipe no matte how obscure and cook it for myself and appreciative others. I have decided to go to college and declare an English major, now that I'm 31 years old it seems like the right time huh? I figure I'll will do this for a while and then go to South America and wwoof on some farms. In life I aspire to write more, maybe even something important to the world. I want to learn Spanish and/or another language. And I want to find the perfect woman and raise a family with her.

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